Recently, the number of companies offering immigration services and having well-promoted Internet representations has noticeably increased. As you know, demand creates supply, but in this case, the number of companies that are opening does not correspond to the criterion of service that customers expect to receive. Many companies based in the UK began to offer assistance in obtaining various types of visas, allowing them to work or study in this country. We would like to sincerely warn everyone who wants to take part in this or that immigration program to avoid working with companies that do not have official permission and established practice.

When deciding whether to trust your fate to any company, you should carefully make sure of its real existence, since many companies can exist only virtually and it will be almost impossible to find someone from whom you can ask about solving the issues that have arisen. Immigration support companies must have an immigration lawyer on staff who has the necessary qualifications, experience working with UK Immigration law and the right to provide these services in this country.

When deciding to participate in a program, be it study, work or immigration to the UK, you should make sure that such a program really exists on the list of the UK Home Office and familiarize yourself with its requirements. The fact is that the schemes for attracting people who want to work in the UK, advertised on the websites of many companies, are far from the real conditions set by the Home Office and may be completely unsuitable for residents of the countries of the former Soviet Union, which is sometimes hidden from potential customers by the site’s creators. In addition, there are often cases when the information published in the sections of the sites is out of date and does not meet the conditions that must be met by candidates for participation in the programs.

Immigration Law in the UK is changing very quickly and immigration attorneys must regularly monitor all changes in order to be most effective in working with clients. One of the most important problems in this case for those wishing to use the immigration service, whether it is obtaining a student visa, a work permit or solving some more complex immigration problems, is the search for a reputable English company located not anywhere on the Internet, but located in central London and has a staff of qualified immigration professionals capable of providing a full range of immigration services to achieve the client’s goal.

We are registered with the OISC (Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner), the regulatory body for organizations working in the field of immigration services. You can view the certificate here .

You can familiarize yourself with our articles published in the Russian-language press of Great Britain – newspapers London Info, London Courier, Pulse and New Style – Lady Info magazine. Topic of articles: immigration, real estate – registration of transactions and organization of lending, various forms of employment, taxes.

This section of our website provides basic explanations regarding immigration to the UK and it will be more correct to start acquaintance with immigration terms .

The intention to make the UK your place of residence is possible only with qualified legal support , the cost of services is indicated in brackets:

  • entrepreneurs starting a business in the United Kingdom (from £ 1300)
  • investors making large investments in the UK economy (from £ 2300)
  • the only representative of a foreign company in the UK (from £ 1300)
  • students studying in educational institutions in the UK
  • writers, composers, artists wishing to live in the United Kingdom (from £ 800)
  • assistance in processing documents for obtaining a work permit for persons with potential employers (600 pounds)
  • the program of attracting specialists , according to the points system – Highly Skilled Migrant Program (from £ 800), allows you to choose an employer or start your own business. From October 31, 2003, new amendments are in effect – the score has been reduced to 65; a separate scheme for those under 28; additional 10 points if the partner is also a certified specialist
  • Spouse visa , there are a number of requirements for the spouse of a person staying and settling in the UK to be able to enter the country on a spouse visa. (£ 250)
  • a program to attract qualified medical workers from other countries, including the states of the former USSR, to work in medical institutions in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.
  • New Talents – Working in a Scottish way. FT-WISS Fresh Talent – Working in Scotland Scheme

In the UK, there is an opportunity for students to combine study with work. Our student program proposals can be found on the Study and Work page .

In October 2004, the Home Office amended the rules and procedures for changing immigration status without leaving the country, and in February 2005 introduced a new procedure for those wishing to get married. The innovations have significantly narrowed the range of possible options for transition from status to status, and, first of all, from the status that gives the right to temporary stay in the country to the status leading to settled life. The transition from one immigration status to another is called Switching .

Foreign nationals must apply for an entry visa before preparing to travel to the UK. There are different forms of applications for temporary and permanent immigration categories, which require different sets of documents / information. It is very easy to fill out the application form, but in some cases a professional approach is required to avoid further disappointments. We add that the officials of the immigration service do not necessarily make the right decision every time, sometimes they make mistakes and refuse to issue a visa. There are several reasons for the refusal to issue a visa, for example, failure to provide the relevant documents that could be submitted without additional costs and unnecessary delays, insufficient professional advice, embarrassment during the interview, etc.Visa denial and right to appeal .

After permanently residing in the UK for 6 years (3 years for those married to a UK citizen), a person can apply for British citizenship.

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