In this section, our company provides details on investing in real estate in the UK, as well as information on investing in Guaranteed Stock Market Bonds, which are issued by the largest and most prestigious banks in England.

By visiting the GSMB page , you will find out that investment is carried out in three indices – FTSE 100, Dow Jones Euro Stoxx 50, the Nikkei 225. The most important thing is that the return of the initial capital is guaranteed by the bank.

Responding to the requests of our clients, we can provide any information regarding investment and the real estate market, and give specific examples.

According to English law, real estate can be owned either on the basis of freehold or leasehold. By and large, the entire real estate market can be roughly divided into two categories – the “housing market” and the commercial real estate market. But, despite this, the demand for housing significantly affects the prices of commercial real estate, as it is a kind of indicator of the purchasing power of the population. You can get more detailed information by visiting the Real Estate Market page .

We search for objects according to the parameters specified by the client, we carry out legal registration of purchase and sale transactions, we provide loans. There are three factors that determine the decision to buy property anywhere in the world. This is a location, a location, and again a location. Real estate in the UK, no matter what area it is located in, will be the best remedy against falling prices, to protect capital and get the best profit. Check out the British property page

When deciding whether to buy a property, regardless of whether this property will become your home or will be used for other purposes, you need to correctly assess all possible ways to finance this acquisition. In most cases, the buyer uses a lending service called Mortgage. Mortgage is an ordinary long-term lending secured by real estate, detailed information can be found by visiting the Mortgage page and reading our articles published in the Russian-language press in Great Britain – London Info newspapers, London Courier and Info Center magazine.

On the page Buying a home in the UK, you can find detailed information on how the legal registration of an apartment or house purchased in the UK takes place.

If an investor is interested in making a profit in the real estate market, we suggest visiting the page of our website Investments in Commercial Real Estate and Construction Business .

We also provide historical background on investment and monetary policy of the Bank of England during the Victorian era .

We offer a ready-made business for sale: cafes, hotels, shops, etc.

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